Images via TexturePalace

You probably have a personal archive of graphics, typefaces, and artworks that you downloaded for free, and as high-quality these resources might be, they probably won’t bring enough oomph to your projects without the help of textures.

For that added dimension, architecture-based website ArchDaily has uncovered a hidden gem named ‘TexturePalace’, a library of over 1,000 Photoshop textures you can download for free.

The collection covers just about anything under the sun, quite literally, and ranges from gritty grounds to book papers, walls and clouds.

The images are registered under the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license, which means you can share, reuse, and adapt them for free as long as appropriate credit is given.

Preview some freebies and grab them via the ‘TexturePalace’ website or Flickr page.

Ground Texture 9

Western Australia - Menzies - number plates

Western Australia - Esperance - fish skin

South Australia - Venus Bay - sea

Western Australia - Esperance - fish-scale

Fallen Leaves #1

Asphalt texture with yellow sign


Wood texture closeup


Yellow grunge number - 18

[via ArchDaily, images via TexturePalace]

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