More than a century since its distinctive oval logo debuted in 1907, DuPont has simplified its name in this 2018 rebrand that unites its two-word name, Du Pont, as one.

The innovative company is dedicated to using science and technology to create inventive solutions that overcome some of the world’s biggest challenges. This includes hurdles across agriculture, food and personal care, lighting and electric materials, industrial biotechnology, and more.

Its updated logo replaces the former border with an open oval shape to represent “a collaborative and open flow of ideas and innovation.”

“It preserves the legacy shape of the iconic DuPont Oval, which for more than a century has provided a seal of quality, performance and trust, but it will no longer be constrained by an elliptical border – signaling a collaborative and open flow of ideas and innovation,” said chief communications officer Barbara Pandos inside a press release.

This redesigned logo indicates DuPont’s revolution as a company and global brand that aims to “empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive.”

Beginning 3 October, DuPont’s new logo will appear on its digital channels, with changes to packaging and signage to follow.

Welcome to a future that's wide open! Today we take an important step on our journey to becoming a new DuPont with a fresh brand identity and logo. Learn more #makersofnew #NewDuPont

— DuPont News (@DuPont_News) October 3, 2018

See how we’re empowering the world with the essential #innovations to thrive #makersofnew

— DuPont News (@DuPont_News) October 3, 2018

New is…now. Welcome to a #NewDuPont #makersofnew

— DuPont News (@DuPont_News) October 3, 2018

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