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Apple has debuted a new commercial for its flagship iPhone XS Max.

The ad, dubbed ‘Growth Spurt’, runs on the theme of size. Apple has been emphasizing the displays of its flagship phones before they were launched. The XS Max boasts a screen measuring 6.5 inches, making it one of this year’s biggest smartphones, literally.

In this ad, users find that their subjects “grow exponentially” through the XS Max’s screen. The commercial sees people taking photos or watching videos on the XS Max, only to find certain elements from these contents appearing larger.

For example, a girl who snaps a photo of her pet cat is shocked to see it balloon to become mammoth-sized, while a ‘Corgi’ blows up to the length of nearly half a city block. The ad ends with the tagline, “Everything you love just got bigger.”

The ad was directed by John Hillcoat and plays to the upbeat song Catch My Breath by Confidence Man.

Apple also released an ad to promote its new Apple Watch Series 4, which was unveiled together with its flagship iPhones of 2018.

[via The Drum, images via Apple]

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