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Video screenshot via ConceptsiPhone

Reports about Apple’s forthcoming iPhones have been going around for awhile now. To recap, the tech giant is expected to introduce three iPhone X-like smartphones at its September 12 event.

It is anticipated that two of the three models will carry the name, ‘iPhone XS’. One will have a 5.8-inch display, while the other will have a supersized 6.5-inch display. Both will sport OLED screens like 2017’s iPhone X.

The third iPhone, measuring at 6.1 inches, is believed to be a lower-priced variation with an LCD screen and aluminum sides. Much attention has been placed on its two pricier counterparts of late, but luckily, a team of concept designers has put together a mockup commercial to visualize what various leakers have reported so far.

In this video by ConceptsiPhone and artist Gunho Lee, you’ll have a detailed look at the ‘iPhone 9’, which is purportedly the name of the mid-tier smartphone.

Here, the model is shown in five colorways and a single rear lens. There’s also a glimpse at what could be the next iPad Pro.

Check out the concept video below. The new iPhones are expected to open for preorders on 14 September, three days after their launch date.

[via BGR, video and cover image via ConceptsiPhone]

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