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Video screenshots via TechRax

Have you ever sipped on Apple juice that’s worth US$1,000? More importantly, how does it taste?

YouTuber TechRax wanted to try his new ‘LifeStraw’—a personal water filter that promises to remove almost 100-percent of bacteria from liquids—so he decided to blend an iPhone X into a beverage. Mmm, mercury.

After blitzing the iPhone, the YouTuber realized that the straw did not wring out the debris from the device—but that’s alright, because people drink the pulp too, right?

If you’re considering whipping out your current smartphone for this experiment before Apple launches its new iPhones in September, you might want to rethink that decision. According to TechRax, this drinkable smartphone had a “nasty metallic aftertaste.”

[via TechRax]

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