Apple launched its Watch Series 4 during its 12 September event, alongside its iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR.

The watch boasts a large display and an impressive range of features including health-related functions such as ECG reading capabilities, a function to monitor music, step-tracking, and others.

Fast Company has highlighted, however, that the watch seems to be a “nightmare of information density.” The watch carries a color scheme that is not unified and the numbers appear incompatible with the interface.

The display at times appears messy and overloaded, which is unlike Apple that is usually drawn towards minimal design.

It further describes the watch as “throwing every piece of information” in your face and distracting you what what you actually need. It also forces you to mute the things you don’t need, which takes up additional energy.

Though the watch is packed with functions that could be beneficial to the elderly, it’s doubtful that a 90-year-old could wade her way around the various functions of the watch.

[via Fast Company, images via Apple]

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