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The world works in funny ways. Just a day after the Avatar film announced that it was abandoning its ‘Papyrus’ logo for a new one, Apple annoyed many with its questionable design.

While the redesigned iPad Pro deserves the applause it got from Apple’s strangely enthusiastic audience, the company’s use of a certain typeface has had tech fans clamoring in front of their screens.

When displaying the specs of the iPad Pro, Apple’s presentation showed a ‘Comic Sans’-like typeface, likely to reference the tablet’s compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

Seriously, Apple, the brand that’s known to be on the forefront of design excellence? This Apple?

Social media users were notably distracted by the typeface, even going so far as to call it, “fancy ‘Comic Sans’.”

“An Apple conference that uses that Android font you hate seeing in screenshots,” joked Twitter user ‘KendrickLamario’.

“Someone must have lost a bet,” questioned Matthew Panzarino, Editor-in-Chief at TechCrunch.

The criticism didn’t just hail from an innate disliking for ‘Comic Sans’. Computer science expert Amit Gawande described that the slides weren’t “legible” because of the typeface.

For those who need answers, Gmail designer Kevin Fox explained that Apple had used ‘Apple Casual’—a more irregular variation of ‘Chalkboard Bold’—in the slides. ‘Apple Casual’ had appeared frequently on the interface of the 1993 ‘Apple Newton’ personal digital assistant.

To offset the controllable eye-twitching you might be dealing with now, check out ‘Sans Forgetica’, a neat typeface that’s built to enhance your memory.

Video screenshot via Apple

Video screenshot via Apple

Video screenshot via Apple

Shout out to @Apple for using fancy Comic Sans as their presentation font

— Richard Major (@RMajor86) October 30, 2018

New iPad sure does look “Pro” but this font sure as hell does not.

— John Gruber (@gruber) October 30, 2018

I do not like these new fonts that Apple is using on slides to announce specs. They aren’t legible at least on the stream. Not sure what @gruber thinks about these – don’t think they have ever used them before. Reminds me of Comic Sans. Shudder #AppleEvent

— Amit Gawande (@_am1t) October 30, 2018

I love you @Apple but what is this font? #MakeMarkerFeltGreatAgain ???

— Kenneth Yu (@kennethyu) October 30, 2018

But what is this font lol – someone must have lost a bet

— Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) October 30, 2018

"Watch this – we're going to troll the entire Apple ecosystem with this font."

— Justin Spicer (@Finnegan_Murphy) October 30, 2018

An Apple conference that uses that Android font you hate seeing in screenshots

— Chels🌌🔜Blizzcon (@KendrickLamario) October 30, 2018

Honestly if you're going to use that font why not just go straight to Comic Sans? #appleevent

— Tom Brant (@branttom) October 30, 2018

Technically, the script font Apple used to use all over their Keynote presentations was ‘Apple Casual’, which was also used heavily on the Newton.

— Kevin Fox 🦊 (@kfury) October 30, 2018

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