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Netflix has succeeded in having users fall hook, line, and sinker for dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror, but viewers might have to buckle up for more surprises ahead.

Earlier, insiders of the show teased that season five might include a pick-your-own-adventure episode. As it seems, that’s not all.

In the show’s new official accompanying book Inside Black Mirror, creator Charlie Brooker dropped some hints about the direction that the series might be headed to. He’s shared some of these insights with British-based entertainment news platform Digital Spy.

Brooker detailed that some sequels could be in store for Black Mirror’s more popular episodes. One of them include 2013’s ‘White Bear’, which sees main character ‘Victoria Skillane’ (Lenora Crichlow) ensnared in a perpetual punishment loop, as her memory gets refreshed every day. Viewers discover at the end that she is tormented for being an accomplice to a young girl’s murder.

The episode’s potential sequel, ‘Return to White Bear’, might feature ‘Victoria Skillane’ gaining awareness of her predicament and fighting against it.

Another scenario that Brooker is considering is a follow-up to the Emmy-winning ‘San Junipero’, which explores the concept of a simulated dimension where the elderly can exist, even after death.

If the sequel were to happen, though, ‘Yorkie’ (Mackenzie Davis) and ‘Kelly’ (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) are not expected to make their return, since Brooker believes that their story ended beautifully.

“But that’s not to say that we couldn’t revisit that world, if there was a compelling reason to do so,” he told Digital Spy.

Brooker is also experimenting with the idea of more medleys combining a number of mini-stories into single episodes, somewhat like ‘Black Museum’ and ‘White Christmas’.

“[‘Black Museum’] consists of three separate stories—they actually build on each other… so I’ve got quite a few ideas of that nature and I would like to, at some point, revisit the portmanteau format,” he described.

The fifth season of Black Mirror is now in production, and is slated for debut in 2019.

[via Digital Spy, video via Channel 4, cover image via Netflix / Black Mirror]

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