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While Chris Pratt’s unfortunate but comical side boob photoshop blunder remains stationary, the same can’t be said about the bosoms in this playful and provocative ad by Australian lingerie brand Berlei.

To clearly illustrate the detrimental impact that various sports have on women’s breasts when played in sports bras that lack proper support, Berlei teamed up with Australian ad agency The Monkeys to create this visually stimulating commercial for its Spring/Summer 2018 Sports collection.

The ‘Stop Your Boobs Playing Their Own Game’ campaign aims to educate women on the importance of supportive sports bras that can prevent breast tissue damage, which in turn, can cause this body part to sag with age.

“From our extensive research and expertise, there was a simple truth that we knew better than anyone: not only do boobs move a lot during exercise, they also move differently in every different sport women play. Without the right bra women’s breasts are getting knocked around almost as much as the balls they’re playing with,” explained Berlei’s marketing manager Andrea Michelle.

So ladies, if you don’t want to live up to the famous Do Your Boobs Hang Low song from yesteryear, do check out the ad below.

[via LBBOnline, video via Berlei Australia, images via video screenshot]

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