We can offer Business Protection Products including Business Assurance & Business Insurance Products to businesses and individuals throughout the UK, including England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales


Our Cardiff, Newport & Caerphilly based Mortgage & Protection Brokerage offers Business Assurance & Business Insurance products including:


  • UK's best rated broadband Key Person Cover
  • Unlimited downloads Business Wills
  • Guaranteed savings on calls Shareholder & Partnership Protection
  • UK's best rated broadband Business Loan Protection
  • Unlimited downloads Relevant Life Plans
  • Guaranteed savings on calls Business Insurance Quotes

Guaranteed savings on calls We also offer Broker Recruitment and Mentoring services via our Broker Recruitment Page.

If you would like a meeting to see how we can help you with your requirement for Business Protection Product or any of our other Business Services, please feel free to contact us on: maconsultancy1@gmail.com | Mob: 07517 024979