We can offer access to Wales' Leading Business Networking Organisation to businesses and individuals throughout the UK, including England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales


Our South Wales based Business Networking Organisation offers weekly Business Networking Events in 4* and 5* locations throughout South Wales and they provide 7 different types of Business Events for their members to access including:


  • UK's best rated broadband Breakfast Networking Events
  • Unlimited downloads Ladies Lunch Networking Events
  • Guaranteed savings on calls Afternoon Networking Events
  • UK's best rated broadband Social Networking Events
  • Unlimited downloads Business Training Events
  • Guaranteed savings on calls Fashion Networking Events
  • UK's best rated broadband Business Expo's

Guaranteed savings on calls  Our Business Networking Organisation also offers Business Exhibition & Sponsorship Opportunities at Wales Biggest Business Expo.

Our Business Networking Packages

We provide Startup Networking Packages, Virtual Networking Membership, Standard Membership and Networking Membership with  an Exhibition stand at our Annual Business Exhibition in Cardiff in November.

If you would like a meeting to see how we can help you with your requirement for business networking or any of our other Business Services below, please feel free to contact us on: maconsultancy1@gmail.com | Mob: 07517 024979