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Mistakes are part and parcel of learning. Junior designers, especially, tend to make more of these when they first start working in the creative industry.

Creative Bloq lends a hand to novices by sharing five common mistakes that junior designers can avoid to enjoy a smoother route to design success. Preview three of them below, and head over to Creative Bloq for the full list.

Designers who don’t listen

Design Culture director Kristen Streten credits her biggest frustration to designers don’t listen during briefings.

Not taking notes, not listening to instructions and not asking questions or clarifying any doubts that they have about the project slows down the creative process. She would rather designers always ask when unsure, instead of completing a task incorrectly and wasting time.

Designers losing heart

Streten recalls that at the beginning of her career, she felt so capable and energized. However, not being tasked with more responsibility made her unmotivated and yearning to leave.

She reminds junior designers that “we’ve all been there,” and encourages you to take heart, have patience, and work hard on small-scale responsibilities.

Designers who hide their mistakes

When you’re working on a project with a tight deadline, always remember that you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your work. In the event that you make a mistake that you unfortunately can’t fix, let your superiors know straight away—they would appreciate it instead of delivering a sloppy job.

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