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Yesterday, you saw the first Aladdin poster for Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the famous 1992 animated film.

In this first teaser trailer by Walt Disney Studios for its Guy Ritchie-directed reboot, fans get a glimpse of the film’s iconic opening scene and the mysterious ‘Cave of Wonders’.

Audiences also catch a peek of Mena Massoud as main character ‘Aladdin’ and the lamp in which ‘Genie’, played by Will Smith, resides.

This short 1:30-long teaser trailer doesn’t let on much more beyond the ‘Diamond in the Rough’, but has already whet many fans’ appetite for more, including what the fictitious port city of ‘Agrabah’ will look like in this live-action version.

Massoud stars alongside Naomi Scott as ‘Jasmine’, Marwan Kenzari as ‘Jafar’, and Navid Negahban as the ‘Sultan’. Aladdin is scheduled for a 24 May 2019 release.

[via Walt Disney Studios, main image via video screenshot]

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