You might have already seen Lenovo’s real-life foldable smartphone prototype that bends and flexes, though it will be a while before such malleable designs hit the mainstream market.

In this radical design concept by Surrey-based R&D CORE Limited’s luxury products division UPLOND, the team has thought up the ‘DRAS phone’ that folds at not two, but three points.

The idea was inspired by the growing size of modern-day smartphones, such as 2018’s two biggest candidates, the iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

UPLOND explains, “The design incorporates a flexible screen without a solid frame around it so that it can be unfolded to a highly compact standard phone format that allows the user to check his messages, the time, the weather, other notifications, etc. or, alternatively, it can be folded to a mini-phone that is the perfect format for a pocket.”

It follows an accordian-style foldable design with flexible touchscreen user interface. It can become fully collapsible, thereby transforming from a 60mm by 27mm by 33mm or 60mm by 54mm by 16mm gadget into a completely functional 110mm by 60mm by 8mm smartphone.

See the ‘DRAS phone’ in the images below and learn more about it here.

[via UPLOND, images via R&D CORE Limited]

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