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Video screenshot via EverythingApplePro

This year, Apple unveiled its most expensive iPhone yet: the XS Max.

Considering its lofty price, the iPhone XS Max isn’t for everybody, which is why alternatives and copycats have sprung in the handset market.

One of these dupes, tested by YouTuber EverythingApplePro, costs just US$190—about 13-percent the price of the XS Max. It’s also an impressively uncanny copy of the actual product.

For the most part, the dupe is nearly neck-to-neck with the iPhone XS Max. The device’s box is a close replica, it unlocks via facial recognition, and perhaps most startlingly, runs on an Android theme almost identical to iOS 12.

The smartphone also comes with some facets of ‘3D Touch’, which isn’t even present in the cheaper iPhone XR.

A tell-tale sign of this product’s authenticity is its camera, which might be the part you’re most curious about. Unfortunately for those hoping to get an ‘iPhone XS Max’ at nearly 1/10 the price, the camera is disappointingly laggy and a far cry from any of Apple’s variety.

The YouTuber discovered that while the phone arrives with a “dual” rear lens, only one lens works. The other is a plastic piece that’s there for aesthetic purposes.

Nevertheless, the review below is truly amusing. The phone is a brilliant contraption to show off—just don’t let anyone snap a selfie with this phone.

Video screenshot via EverythingApplePro

Video screenshot via EverythingApplePro

Video screenshot via EverythingApplePro

[via EverythingApplePro]

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