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Google Chrome turned 10 this month. To celebrate the anniversary, the company has teamed up with agency Virtue to create an ad titled ‘Don’t Be a Browser’.

The spot sees the relationships that users have had with the internet over the last 10 years. Through the decade, the way people use the internet have changed drastically. While the internet was an occasional stopover for people in the past, it has now become ubiquitous in everyday life.

Virtue’s chief creative officer Cameron Farrelly said Chrome has been the “window to the world’s information” for a decade. The internet has opened doors for users to create, do, and connect with almost anything at any time. However, its constant presence has sometimes made Chrome fade into the background.

To remind users of its unlimited possibilities, the 60-second ad shows how the internet can be a tool that unites us all.

The spot sees different people experiencing life—from enduring a breakup to fixing a bathroom sink—with the help of the browser.

[via Campaign Live, images via Google Chrome]

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