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Google has officially rolled out its much talked about ‘Night Sight’ for all its Pixel smartphones.

The feature, which enables users to capture sharp images in very low light, has been getting the thumbs-up from numerous tech enthusiasts and has even impressed diehard Apple fans.

Several hours ago, renowned tech reviewer Marques Brownlee tweeted, “Google has let me test the official build of Night Sight on Pixel for last week and dear God it’s basically magic.”

“Before you press the shutter button, ‘Night Sight’ measures your natural hand shake, as well as how much motion is in the scene,” explains Google. “If Pixel is stable and the scene is still, ‘Night Sight’ will spend more time capturing light to minimize noise; if Pixel is moving or there’s significant scene motion, ‘Night Sight’ will use shorter exposures, capturing less light to minimize motion blur… Instead of capturing one bright and blurry photo, ‘Night Sight’ captures an equal amount of light over a burst of many photos that are dark but sharp.”

“By merging this burst, ‘Night Sight’ prevents motion blur and brightens the photo, giving you a bright and sharp photo.”

‘Night Sight’ cannot work in pure darkness, so you’ll have to select a scene that includes some source of illumination. Google advises soft and uniform lighting, which works much better than harsh lighting that can cause dark shadows.

While ‘Night Sight’ has been made available for all Pixel smartphones, Google highlights that the tool “works best on Pixel 3.”

In this video, tech YouTuber Tim Schofield demonstrates how Google’s ‘Night Sight’ works on the Pixel 3 XL.

For more examples of photos captured using ‘Night Sight’, visit Google Photos’ shared album.

Google has let me test the official build of Night Sight on Pixel for last week and dear God it's basically magic.

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) November 14, 2018

Google's Night Sight is rolling out today, and here's how and how well it works.

— Vlad Savov (@vladsavov) November 14, 2018

It's official. Google Night Sight is magic/witchcraft. Taken on Pixel 2.

This is likely the most impressive advancement for camera phones since OIS.

— Daniel Rubino (@Daniel_Rubino) November 14, 2018

I repeat ..this is 🔥

— José Covaco (@HoeZaay) November 12, 2018

So um, Google Night Sight is pretty mind-blowing. Crazy what it can produce with the same camera, just by upgrading the software.

— David Scrivner (@davidscrivner) November 14, 2018

Both pictures are taken with the Pixel 3XL. Night Sight off vs Night Sight on. Pretty amazing.

— TechnoBuffalo (@TechnoBuffalo) November 6, 2018

[via Google AI Blog, video via Tim Schofield, main image via Google Blog]

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