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Video screenshots via Google Japan

Thanks to numerous details that have “leaked” in the past months, tech enthusiasts might already have a concrete idea of what will go into Google’s upcoming ‘Pixel 3’ smartphone.

Now, the company appears to have confirmed another feature of the device in a teaser for the Japanese market.

The playful, textural ad sees subjects squeezing a mascot, a balloon, a boy’s cheeks, and more, hinting that the future gadget will come with interactive edges that mirror those of the ‘Pixel 2’.

‘Google Assistant’ is launched when a user presses the bezels of their ‘Pixel 2’, so it’s likely that the phone’s descendant will prompt the same function when squeezed.

The clip also seems to hint at the colorways of the ‘Pixel 3’. A scene showing two people hugging hints at the colors green, pink, black, and white, which were already teased by Google itself.

The new ‘Pixel 3’ and ‘Pixel 3 XL’ are slated for launch a week later on 9 October.

Video screenshot via Google Japan

Video screenshot via Google Japan

[via 9to5Google, video and screenshots via Google Japan]

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