“I’m pregnant.” Click to view enlarged version

Some pictures might be worth a thousand words. The notions behind these images, however, are as simple and unembellished as IKEA’s products.

The Swedish furniture giant helps you get life-changing news across to your loved ones with inspiration from its iconic instruction manual and modest furniture designs.

The trio of ads, created by the Miami Ad School in Spain, encourages you to “Say It In IKEA.”

Individual taglines such as “Marry me,” “I’m pregnant,” and “Move in with me,” have been included respectively to each ad, and tie back to the idea that IKEA is the ideal brand for the major changes in your life.

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“Marry me.” Click to view enlarged version

“Move in with me.” Click to view enlarged version

[via Ads of the World, images by Miami Ad School via Ads of the World]

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