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Several hours ago, rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West—or “YE” as he’d like to be known—joined US President Donald Trump for lunch and a conversation at the Oval Office.

The get-together not only broadcast West’s “000000” iPhone password to the world and showcased the rapper’s deep adoration for the US leader, but also inspired rib-tickling Photoshop edits on Reddit. This includes references to West’s Perrier bottle outfit, worn during his performance at Saturday Night Live’s season 44 premier.

Enjoy the best from the ‘/r/photoshopbattles’ thread below.

Kanye runs up to President Trump to give him a hug.

— Vivian Salama (@vmsalama) October 11, 2018

PsBattle: Kanye showing Trump a picture from r/photoshopbattles

And they lived happily ever after



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Breaking News: Kanye Discovers The End To World Hunger ( PS BATTLE )

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This. Is it. C.H.I.E.F..

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Is this your card?

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Swipe right?

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“I wish I was as cool as Vlad…” (animated gif)

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‘Trump Baby’

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As a bonus…

Overheard in the White House press room after reporters left a rambling Oval Office pool spray with President Trump and Kanye West: "Working here is officially insane."

— Andrew Restuccia (@AndrewRestuccia) October 11, 2018

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