Seeing as how Santa Claus’s sleigh has remained largely unchanged through the years, gifting company Red Letter Days has decided to offer Father Christmas some contemporary, design-savvy alternatives.

The brand has come up with five thoughtful, redesigned sleigh concepts reimagined from the perspectives of IKEA, Ferrari, Red Bull, Apple and Carlsberg. The designs were inspired by the notion that Santa needs about six months to deliver presents worldwide.

The results are amazingly elaborate sleigh rides that ensure Saint Nicholas remains comfortable in his seat.


The ‘Sladtür’ sleigh features multiple storage options, thereby staying true to IKEA’s values. The minimalist, build-it-yourself sleigh even comes with hex key and features IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow colors.

Red Letter Days explains that the sleigh will be powered by “Reindeer magic” and extra lighting will illuminate its route. The flat-pack also allows Santa to dismantle his ride during lull periods.


This futuristic white Apple ‘iSleigh’ is equipped with hi-tech gadgets including a navigation system, ‘Siri’, and virtual gifts stored in the cloud. The AI-powered sleigh will propel Santa into the 21st century.


This rendition sports Carlsberg’s iconic green and a sound system to put you in the mood for Christmas.

The traditional reindeer, however, has been replaced by a lightning fast unicorn that ensures Santa has a magical journey delivering presents.

It boasts outdoor heaters, leather seats and plenty of room for Santa’s helpers to chill. The can-shaped sleigh also houses a lifetime supply of beer. Is this truly “the best sleigh in the world?”

Red Bull

Red Letter Days’ Red Bull take on the classic sleigh is slightly different. It replaces the reindeer with an updated automobile fuelled by sugar, caffeine, taurine and vitamin B, ensuring a energetic Santa efficiently delivers his gifts.


The Ferrari F1 ‘SLGH18’ has 950 reindeer-power, which allows Father Christmas to reach 100mph in less than three seconds. With this high-powered sleigh that features sharp aerodynamic curves and a festive red hue, Santa is sure to get around the world in record time.

[via Red Santa Days, images provided by Red Santa Days]

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