After showing fans how to transform one of its rugs into a fur wrap inspired by Game of Thrones, IKEA returns with instructions on how to create a Halloween costume inspired by the fan-favorite TV show The Handmaid’s Tale.

Unlike last year’s winter rendition, this latest costume seems a tad more political with the November midterm elections drawing near.

The IKEA-style instructions guide you in creating the iconic red garb, as seen in the film adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s classic novel of the same name.

The visual was created by advertising agency SMFB Oslo for IKEA Norway. All you need to do is purchase a red ‘Merete’ curtain to form the hooded cloak, before adding the ‘Ekas’ lampshade that doubles as the white bonnet.

Use the ‘Kvalificera’ scissors to cut the lampshade according to your size and drape the red curtain over you. For the finishing touch, yell, “Prisad vara!” that translates to “Praise be.”

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Hva med et «hand made» kostyme i år?

Posted by IKEA on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

[via AdAge, opening image via IMDB, IKEA]

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