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Apple has touted its newest iPhone XS and XS Max models as having the most durable smartphone glasses in the world.

Thankfully, you will never have to put your own model to the test to determine if Apple is right; Tom’s Guide has helpfully taken this risk for you.

In these drop tests, editor-in-chief Mark Spoonauer explores whether Apple has put its money where its mouth is in four concrete fall tests at face, edge, and back drops from varied heights of three, five, 11 and 20 feet above ground.

While the phones survive the three- and five-feet drops with ease, the iPhone XS cracks slightly at its top corner when released at 11 feet, though nothing happens to the XS Max from this height—to Spoonauer’s amazement.

From 20 feet above ground, the iPhone XS Max doesn’t survive the fall on its face, but Spoonauer concludes that the models pass the durability test overall.

If you’re adamant to get a case as a precaution, you can consider iPhone case brand Mous, whose CEO recently threw the iPhone XS down the Sydney Opera House in its extreme drop test stunt ad.

[via Tom’s Guide, images via video screenshot]

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