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Image via SKYY Vodka

After teasing a possible role as the next ‘Captain America’, WWE wrestler John Cena is yet again exemplifying his patriotism by being the star—nay, stars—of a video for “proudly American” SKYY Vodka.

In the ad, Cena plays three different members of a cheesy boy band. They dance in unison, flaunt their abs, recite sweet nothings about their home country, as well as chug down SKYY’s ‘Blue Vodka’.

“Welcome us into your embrace,” he declares. “When we close our eyes, all we see is your gorgeous face.” Amusingly, he’s referring to the Statue of Liberty, an American icon.

Cena also tweeted, “This one goes out to my beautiful Lady Liberty… my torch only lights for you, girl.”

Everyone has a favorite boy band member. Which one is yours: blond John Cena, brunette John Cena, or headband John Cena?

This one goes out to my beautiful Lady Liberty, my torch only lights for you girl. #Ad #SkyyVodka #ProudlyAmerican

— John Cena (@JohnCena) November 13, 2018

Image via SKYY Vodka

Image via SKYY Vodka

Image via SKYY Vodka

[via Comicbook, video and screenshots via SKYY Vodka]

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