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Kanye West is not letting the internet getting away with laughing at his tiny Yeezy slippers.

Earlier this month, West attended rapper 2 Chainz’s wedding decked in an all-gray suit paired with gray Yeezy slippers that were clearly too tiny for his feet. It left his heels protruding beyond the back of the slides that left the internet in stitches.

While many wondered as to why West did not wear something more fitting for his feet, the rapper-and-fashion designer defended his decision by insisting that his footwear fit perfectly. He attributed inspiration for the look to traditional Japanese footwear.

Following the online hullabaloo, West epically poked fun at the whole situation with humongous supersized Yeezy slides.

Now, he’s back with more giant versions of his Yeezy slides and sneakers. The entertainer even went the extra mile to edit his massive slides into the photo, shown directly below, captured with his wife Kim Kardashian at 2 Chainz’s wedding to appease his fans.


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) August 31, 2018

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) August 31, 2018

year 2025

— nikusa (@niquotein) August 31, 2018

Yeeladdin 🔮

— — Golden. (@juniorsanch0) August 31, 2018

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