A 10-year-old girl has written in to Kellogg’s to comment on its “sexist” slogan printed on its ‘Coco Pops’ packaging.

Hannah-Marie Clayton felt that the slogan, “Loved By Kids, Approved By Mums,” appears prejudice because men are also highly capable of making breakfast. Clayton explained that her dad usually prepares breakfast for her as her mother is away most of the time due to work.

She recommended Kellogg’s change the word “Mums” to “parents or carers” to better align with society today, where people “shouldn’t just rely on women.” Clayton went on to mention that fathers are just as important as mothers, and those growing up without a mother might find the slogan upsetting.

Kellogg’s responded to her plea and said that the company will update the slogan to “Loved By Kids, Approved By Parents” on its packaging. It also apologized to her for “any offence caused” and thanked for her feedback.

[via Indy 100, opening image via Kellogg’s]

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