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Australian advertising agency Cummins & Partners has joined forces with the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club to create this hilarious parody of the highly-acclaimed ‘Meet Graham’ campaign, where a human being was reimagined with reinforced ribs and a thick skull to protect himself against any car crashes.

The comedic film, titled ‘Meet Grant: The Only Person Designed to Survive a Career in Advertising’, serves as promotional material for the MADC Stars Creative Showcase.

Instead of focusing on a “car-proof man,” ‘Grant’ highlights the many difficulties and stresses of the advertising industry. ‘Grant’ has a body specifically designed to withstand any obstacles in this specific career field.

He has ears that are capable of “filtering out conflicting opinions,” thick skin, “smaller than average genitals”, extra liver to cope with the large amount of alcohol intake and a removable spine that aids dealing with various clients.

The film also includes less-than-impressive hits proving “there is no substitute for original thought,” except copying someone else.

Meet Grant from MADC on Vimeo.

[via LBBOnline, images via MADC]

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