With its vast library of contents and ceaseless recommendations, YouTube is perfect for viewers to quickly get lost and distracted on its video-sharing platform.

Rather than navigating aimlessly through this black hole of videos, creative platform 99designs has put together 20 of the most inspiring design channels to follow on this social video network.

This library of resources not only offers inspiration for creatives, but also provides helpful tutorials that will brush up your skills, knowledge, and business acumen, which is especially helpful for freelance designers.

The lineup includes channels that DesignTAXI has featured before, such as illustration-focused Draw with Jazza, Tutvid that’s run by entrepreneur-graphic designer-photographer Nathaniel Dodson, as well as logo and hand lettering designer Will Paterson, amongst others.

Check out the entire list of 20 inspiring design channels to follow on 99designs.

20 inspiring YouTube design channels to follow

YouTube is full of awesome designers who are doing amazing work not just with their art, but as creative entrepreneurs making it big. When you’re looking for inspiration, trying to brush up your design skills or you want advice on building your business from someone who’s been there, done that and came back to talk about it, YouTube’s got what you need.

[via 99designs, main image via Shutterstock]

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