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In yet another selfie gone wrong, a group of women have spawned the detriment of two artworks by attempting to pose in a photo with them.

Surveillance footage from the International Arts Center Main Avenue in Yekaterinburg, Russia on 27 October reveals that two of its works—one of them a Francisco Goya drawing from his 1700s Los Caprichos series, and the other a Salvador Dalí interpretation of the piece—collapsed from a selfie attempt that probably wasn’t worth the likes.

The clip, released by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), shows a visitor observing a wall of art when it nearly topples over her. A woman is seen behind the fallen structure.

Russian news agency TASS cited that the frame and glass encasing Goya’s etching had broken, while Dalí’s painting had “suffered damage” in addition to its shattered frame and glass.

Goya’s artwork also belonged to the personal collection of the gallery’s owner.

According to CNN, Irina Volk—a representative of the MIA—said that the deputy director of the art center had written a letter to the police calling for justice for the masterpieces.

Volk added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia identified three women from a tour group, who “explained that the stand was touched by accident” after they had attempted to take a photo against the backdrop of the artworks.

The city of Yekaterinburg has refused to press criminal charges against the visitors, however.

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[via CNN, video via Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, cover image via dmitro2009 /]

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