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Mustard goes well on hotdogs… but does it work on pizza?

NYC pizzeria Lions & Tigers & Squares serves up Detroit-style pizzas, which are rectangular in shape and come with thick, hearty crusts.

One of its most eyebrow-raising offerings isn’t a Detroit classic, though. It’s a pie with a mustard, instead of tomato, base.

Owner Francis Garcia explained that the item originated from Trenton, New Jersey. Apparently, a drunk man had stumbled into a pizzeria asking for mushrooms on a pizza. Having misheard him, the Italian chef at the joint topped the order with mustard instead.

Garcia described that adding the condiment to pizza isn’t as bizarre as it might sound. “[It] acts like an acid like the pizza sauce would.”

While some pizza lovers were open to this unique flavor experience, others did not want a share of the pie.

“What has regular pizza sauce ever done to you?” asked confused Twitter user ‘madseatstho’.

“This is why the aliens won’t visit us,” said user ‘crimekaria’.

Would you mustard up enough courage to have a taste of this pizza?

This pizza uses mustard instead of tomato sauce 😳

— FOOD INSIDER (@InsiderFood) September 4, 2018

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— (Muttley) Matt (@1CynicalCyborg) September 4, 2018

— Nick (@NPatrick19_) September 4, 2018

To all yall that complain about pineapples on pizza, THIS pizza with mustard on it is what yall should be disgusted with instead 🤢

— Foreverbrandnew (@foreverbrandnew) September 4, 2018

Hey @fbi

— Rich Russell fan account (@Owned_Communist) September 4, 2018

But like, what has regular pizza sauce ever done to you?

— madseatstho (@madseatstho) September 4, 2018

This is why the aliens won’t visit us

— Jakita (@crimekarIa) September 5, 2018


— Rawahn (@w_90210) September 5, 2018

I'd love to try it. I get barbecue instead of tomato on the base and dip the crust into honey mustard anyway so I give it a go

— Jalbeardzi, The Typo Pirate Yaarrrr (@Danzig303) September 4, 2018

My kind of pizza 😍😍😍 #mustardgang

— mlepclay (@yuyulGL) September 4, 2018


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