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If the realistic incarnation of ‘Pikachu’ in the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu film creeped you out, you’re in for a treat.

This month, Japan’s leading donut chain, Mister Donut, introduced an assortment of Pokémon-themed donuts in select locations that looked too adorable to be true—and they probably were.

While some of these snacks matched the ones advertised in the brand’s promotional pictures, SoraNews24 discovered that several Twitter users across Japan weren’t so lucky with the starter Pokémon that they had caught at their nearest Mister Donut locations.

Some ‘Pikachus’ sported asymmetrical pupils that appeared to stare into their eaters’ souls. Others had their ears shortened or faces elongated.

The appearances of these ‘Pikachus’—or rather, ‘Freakachus’—were so terrifying and humorous at the same time, they spawned some meme-worthy fan artworks.

Following the trauma the snacks might have caused, Mister Donut’s parent brand, Duskin, announced that it was halting sales of the ‘Pikachu’-themed donuts.

However, fans throughout Japan will be able to catch ’em all again, as the ‘Pikachu’ donuts will resume sales, as well as launch nationwide, on 16 November—this time with stricter quality control.


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