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The last time you saw Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda Wormwood’, she was a five-year-old prodigy graced with the power of telekinesis. Naturally, she had her future set out for her, and her story had since been churned into an iconic film and a Broadway musical.

As if time has zipped by, Roald Dahl’s popular Matilda novel has just turned 30. To celebrate the occasion, the petite heroine was reimagined as a statue that looks down on “modern-day nemesis” Donald Trump. The milestone has also spurred publisher Puffin to re-print the story; in doing so, it has asked the book’s original illustrator, Quentin Blake, to reinterpret the protagonist as a 30-year-old woman.

Blake’s whimsical art style is just as iconic as Dahl’s fantastical tales, so the concept will surely be welcomed by millennials who grew up reading the author’s books.

The publishing house requested for a single illustration from Blake, but the artist—having already been enchanted into the world of Roald Dahl—produced eight artworks instead.

The illustrator pictured ‘Matilda’ as the director of the International Astrophysics Institute, a poet acclaimed for her piece titled The Trunchbull Saga, a world traveler, a wrestling champion, a creator of special effects in Hollywood, and of course, an avid reader.

Power to him and his awesome depictions of a female extraordinaire.

They have arrived in all their wondrousness! Don't miss these special editions, with brand new jackets for the classic story, and a never-before-seen illustration by Sir Quentin Blake of Matilda at 30!!

— Waterstones Uxbridge Kids (@WatUxbKids) September 29, 2018

Quentin Blake has reimagined Matilda 30 years on and it’s just as glorious and lovely and inspiring as you’d hope.

— Ryan Nelson (@RyanJohnNelson) October 1, 2018

Sir Quentin Blake has reimagined Matilda 30 years on! @QuentinBlakeHQ #Matilda30

— Grazia UK (@GraziaUK) October 1, 2018

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