With Apple’s apparent lackluster sales for its 2018 iPhones, could Samsung have the next big thing for the smartphone market?

Samsung announced during a press briefing recently held in San Francisco that it intends to release a foldable lineup every year across selected markets, beginning 2019.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled its ‘Galaxy F’ foldable smartphone during its 2018 Developer Conference, held on 7 November in San Francisco.

While it has yet to confirm the precise release date, Samsung is adamant that it will occur within the first half of 2019. Koh Dong-jin, president of IT & Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics, shared that the first batch will comprise “at least 1 million” units, with more ready to be produced depending on market response.

Even though California-based Royole Corporation beat the Android maker to the game with the “world’s first foldable phone” dubbed FlexPai, the novel technology remains in its infant stages, leaving much room for development, including reducing the bulkiness of the gadget.

Samsung seems to understand the risk in rushing the technology, with Koh explaining that it would have released the gadget earlier if the brand were only keen in producing something that “people would soon get tired of using.”

He stressed that Samsung wants to offer the “best user experience” through this foldable phone aimed at securing “the lead in the market.”

Don’t expect Samsung’s foldable device to come cheap though. The starting price is rumored at US$1,830 (KR₩2 million).

[via Yonhap News Agency, images via Samsung Newsroom]

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