I recently used the new snowy cones machines, which are available for kids this Christmas, and they were very easy to use and produced very lovely drinks. This trial come along way after I had always wanting a Mr Frostie when I was a kid. Although it was a long way coming, it was better late than never.

The slushes available were lovely and very varied in flavours (Blue Rasberry, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Cola to name a few) and they seemed to go down well with the others who tried them at our event, although brain freeze isn’t as much fun at this age now, compared to how I remember it in my younger days.

I think this item would make a fabulous Christmas Gift for kids of all ages, and would also recommend that clubs, venues, cafes and restaurants add the commercial version of this item to their venue for supplying kids with the drinks, including sugar free versions throughout the summer because they are going to be very popular.

In addition the Snowy Cones business also provides milkshakes and frappes etc.

You can find out more about Snowy Cones including shopping on line by Visit the link to the Snowy Cones website.

You can also fund out more about Snowy Cones and their franchises by visiting http://www.thingstodoincardiff.co.uk .