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Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was reportedly creating a new superhero with his daughter before he passed.

Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee revealed that the duo was working on a character called ‘Dirt Man’, who was ready to “get down and dirty,” instead of being bogged down by clatter or steel. Joan described it as “the last little angel that got tucked away.”

Though she did not provide in-depth details about the character’s powers or story, she expressed her hopes that it would be made into a film. Joan added that the character was born after she persuaded her father to collaborate on a new superhero.

Her recent unveiling of the character has excited Marvel fans, with one Twitter user asking, “Does he clean the dirt or creates it? If former, then surely Delhi needs him more than any other place!”

Another Twitter user commented, “I hope they throw him in with ‘Tony Stark’ (aka ‘Iron-Man’) and there’s lots of shoulder claps.”

So *DirtMan* …. New superHero created by Stan Lee ….. Does he clean the dirt or creates it , coz if former, then surely Delhi needs him more than any other place ! 🙃🙂

— Penaaz Lall (@penaazlall) November 14, 2018

Dirt Man. Dirt understands you. It's been everywhere. It is everywhere. I hope they throw him in with Tony Stark and there's lots of shoulder claps, unasked-for-hugs and other random OCD cringe.

— SirAproposDeMuscadel (@SirAproposDeZhu) November 14, 2018

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