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When he embarked on an ambitious project to recreate Childish Gambino’s viral This is America music video with old 1980s Apple computers, Indonesia-born NYC-based animator Wahyu Ichwandardi saw a different side of America—as well as the world—that was warm and supportive.

Three months later, Ichwandardi, who goes by the alias ‘pinot’ on social media, has finally completed the clip.

Leveraging only the ‘MacPaint’ software on the Macintosh 128K and multimedia program ‘MacroMind VideoWork’ on the Macintosh SE, Ichwandardi illustrated and animated 1,300 frames to bring a byte-sized dancing ‘Donald Glover’ to life.

Apart from the painstaking process of drawing every little move, the artist had the challenge of visualizing angles that were out of frame.

In the final video, you’ll see Ichwandardi switch between floppy discs to play five different cuts of the choreography. Oh, the nostalgia.

He’s also created a wallpaper displaying the first cut of dance moves.

Check out the elaborate project and hop over to Ichwandardi’s Twitter for more of his work.

The sequence of Donald Glover's motion (cut 1), in case you need a new wallpaper. The high res image is available n 225 x 150 cm (300dpi).

— Wahyu Ichwandardi (@pinot) September 4, 2018

[via pinot]

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