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In a bid to protect Mother Earth, consumer goods conglomerate Procter & Gamble has unveiled a revamped packaging design for its Tide press-tap, but it appears that the brand hasn’t learned much from the controversial ‘Tide Pod Challenge’.

The new ‘Eco-Box’ uses 60-percent less plastic and 30-percent less water than the original press-tap variation, as well as arrives on a customer’s doorstep in a shipping-safe cardboard box that doesn’t require secondary packaging.

It also looks a whole lot like boxed wine, according to social media users; so even if you’ve outgrown the candy-like appeal of ‘Tide Pods’, your grown-up self might be tempted to pour a glass of blue-hued wine via this packaging’s “no-drip” dispenser.

“Nice to see Tide coming out with some boxed wine to go with their ‘Pod’ hors d’oeuvres,” tweeted Twitch streamer Daware.

“I am going to drink so much of that,” joked Twitter user ‘nollpost’.

As enticing as the pods or “boxed wine” might look, it’s important to note that these should only be fed to your laundry.

Image via BusinessWire

Image via BusinessWire

Thats so much more convenient.

— Codename: D.O.N.G. (@king_simpleton) November 12, 2018

hmmm looks familiar

— Sallee Ann (@salleeannruibal) November 8, 2018

You guys…you guys know people ate the pods, right?

— Alex Fitzpatrick (@AlexJamesFitz) November 12, 2018

Some of the people that did the pod challenge liked the flavor enough that Tide wine is a thing.

— MethBurrito (@housOfpAin223) November 12, 2018

I am going to drink so much of that.

— Michael Noll (@nollpost) November 12, 2018

I'll bring the fabric softener!

🇺🇸JSBach1801🇮🇱 (@JSBach1801) November 12, 2018

What's next Tide in a keg? 😂

— Klaxosaurus Rex (@Ramsfan1982) November 12, 2018

Now the wine moms can get as lit as their kids

— Alex (@BeltFedius) November 12, 2018

Procter & Gamble: "Don't eat laundry detergent"

Also Procter & Gamble: *makes Tide look like boxed wine*

— AOL Instant Mess (@JennMint) November 12, 2018

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