Ride-sharing app Uber has revealed a brand new identity a mere two years after its last redesign.

The company has taken up a more amiable, rounder logo and custom typeface called ‘Uber Move’ that aims to leave its troubled reputation in the past by starting on a clean slate.

It has also introduced a revamped Uber app fronted by its fresh wordmark. Here, users will find updated graphics and colors such as a blue “safety” symbol to signify “safe” spaces.

While many have feedback positively on the redesign, others have additional comments for the overhaul.

One Twitter user commented, “Did you [see] that @uber has a new #logo? Definitely my style, I like it. But if I can bear a little: It would be nice to put some small, tiny custom letter/element somewhere or other diminutive detail.”

Another wrote, “Bold. The new Uber brand identity is bold and approachable. What are your thoughts on the rebrand?”

Several commenters on Designer News, however, didn’t particularly enjoy the redesign. One user responded, “Uber rebland.”

Another commented, “This feels as vanilla as can be. While the design of the typography is clean, and the executions definitely help sell the idea, the branding is underwhelming and forgettable. It’s quite a stretch with the U frame in the billboards and signage. It’s less clever and more okayyy. [sic] I dunno. Missed opportunity here to really shine with something unique.”

See more responses below.

Did you saw that @uber has a new #logo? Definitely my style, I like it. But if I can bear a little: It would be nice to put some small, tinny custom letter/element somewhere or other diminutive detail #rebranding #branding #design #uber

— piotr miarka (@piotrmiarka) September 13, 2018

A new #logo for #Uber and #UberEats. Clean and simple – we like the new #design. 🚕

What do you think?

— VCCP Kin (@VCCPKin) September 13, 2018

Have to agree with this @Uber it is much easier to recognize now. Great rebranding! #rideshare #uber #branding

— Erno Tauriainen (@ernotaur) September 13, 2018

Wow, big Uber rebrand this morning. Goodbye weird bits and atoms logo.

— Biz Carson (@bizcarson) September 12, 2018

Aww, Uber killed off its iconic butthole logo. RIP in peace little butt

— Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) September 12, 2018

Uber's logos from 2015 to now and my final prediction for 2019. #branding #uber

— David Burrows (@dmburrows) September 12, 2018

Hate the new Uber logo/app icon plz change it back #Uber #logo

— Adrian Funtimes (@AdrianFunTimes) September 13, 2018

uber did a rebrand.
hmmm, i am not so sure about it. what do you think? do you like it?
check it out here: #rebrand #branding #graphicdesign #logo

— Mikke Svabson (@svabson) September 14, 2018

[via Marie Claire, opening image via Uber]

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