Vimeo’s paid users can now upload videos directly to LinkedIn, according to a new feature the video platform announced early in the week.

This newly added feature comes with it video analytics, including video viewership, engagement and performance stats, all of which users can access from the Vimeo dashboard.

Vimeo explained in a press release that the feature is especially helpful for video creators since social platforms tend to favor native uploads. Facebook, for example, shows natively uploaded videos more often in the News Feed than those not.

This is not the first integration Vimeo has with other social media platforms. Included in its “Publish to Social” feature that Vimeo released last year, LinkedIn joined Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as the latest in a video partnership with Vimeo. According to Vimeo, this will be LinkedIn’s first end-to-end integration with a video platform.

Vimeo’s partnership with LinkedIn marks the video site’s latest effort in positioning itself as a creator-first platform. This feature targets a very specific group of users — video creators that are Vimeo’s paid subscribers, and are expanding their marketing efforts on various social media sites, including on LinkedIn’s Company Page. Instead of being a simple video hosting site, Vimeo has been trying to sell tools and services that attract video professionals.

LinkedIn also acknowledges the importance of displaying videos as a way of engaging the audience.

“Video has become one of the key drivers for member engagement on LinkedIn, and businesses who want to start a conversation with their audiences are increasingly turning to Company Page videos,” said Peter Roybal, principal product manager at LinkedIn, in a statement about the partnership with Vimeo.

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The post Vimeo Users Can Now Publish Directly To LinkedIn Pages appeared first on Social Media Week.

Vimeo Users Can Now Publish Directly To LinkedIn Pages

The post Vimeo Users Can Now Publish Directly To LinkedIn Pages appeared first on Digital Marketing Agency Cardiff, South Wales & Website Marketing inc. Sales and Marketing, SEO & Social Media Consultancy, Training & Services.